A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Why are there so many trans women in tech? A theory by Lena Siess.

See change through the lens of gender. This personal journey lets you explore three environments at three different time periods as the same person.

Average Playtime: 5 Minutes.

The whole project (code, assets, project files) is free and open source: https://gitlab.com/NBLena/transnicians

Originally made for the Linux Game Jam 2019, but I hopelessly underestimated the scope and my unfamiliarity with Godot. But eventually I made it!

Disclaimer: The trans experience is different for everyone and this game is only trying to represent mine.

Install instructions

Extract the archive and run the executable.


Were-getting-there_Win.zip 12 MB
were-getting-there_Linux.zip 14 MB
were-getting-there_MacOS.zip 14 MB


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lovely quiet experience

Hey there, we played your game. Really interesting and brave concept. You don't see a lot of these personal journey story games. Really nicely done!

For sure we will try your other games.

Thank you super much! For the video, as well as for the kind words.

If you try another game of mine, I recommend DialogueFight. The others are less serious projects.